Worry – Study Guide

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Personal Reflection

  •  What kind of things worry you?
  • How do you relate to God about those things?
  • Do your family, or friends from church know about these things?  How have they been helpful?
  • Do you have responsibilities that feel like they’re beyond your abilities?
  • Is God calling you to things that you don’t know how to achieve?  Do you worry about that, or are you peaceful about it?  Ask for God’s help.
  • Are there ways in which God wants to help you grow?
  • Is there wisdom you can learn from situations or teaching in the Bible?

Worry at work

  • Are there things that worry lots of people at your work?
  • How do you respond to that?
  • Can people share their worry with you?
  • Do you help them face those situations?  Do you encourage them?


Bible Study


We read about Moses at the burning bush in Exodus 3:1-4:17.

  • What was Moses worried about? Do his concerns seem reasonable?
  • How did God respond?
  • As the situation in Egypt developed after this, and then as Moses led the Israelites through the wilderness, how did God help him?


Notice the number of times God told Joshua to be strong and courageous.

  • What was the task Joshua was responsible for?
  • Why might he have worried about this?
  • How did he approach it?
  • How did he lead the Israelites in this task – how did he help them be strong and courageous?
  • How did God relate to him?


We read about David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17.

  • Why was David able to show courage when all others showed fear?

Paul and Timothy

We read of Timothy joining Paul’s mission from Acts 16 onwards.  When Timothy was based in Ephesus, Paul wrote letters to encourage and equip him in his work.  If you are struggling with worry, spend some time reading through 1 & 2 Timothy, and notice all the ways that Paul stands with Timothy, even at a distance.

  • How are you encouraged by this part of the Bible?
  • Do you have people who stand with you?
  • Or if you know people who are facing overwhelming tasks, or who struggle with worry, what do you learn from Paul’s example about encouraging others?


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