What’s a podcast?

A podcast is a series of audio (or video) tracks/talks/lessons/etc. that you can subscribe to. Your church might well have a podcast: if they post their sermons for people to listen to online, you may be able to subscribe to them in iTunes or another directory. If you subscribe, it means you will automatically receive new episodes when we post them instead of having to check our website for new material. Though you certainly can check the website, it’s nice to have an automated option.

You can get podcast episodes on your mp3 player or smartphone, on your tablet or computer. Lots of options!

How do I subscribe? 

Subscribing to a podcast is pretty easy. We have a few link options on our site.

You can subscribe in iTunes:

Go to the iTunes page. Click subscribe. Your iTunes will automatically download new episodes, and you can automatically sync with your iPod/Phone/Pad.

You can subscribe in Stitcher or Blackberry or others:

These are other iPod subscription services. They will be similar to subscribing in iTunes. Follow the links and subscribe!

You can subscribe to our RSS feed:

Subscribe with an RSS reader. For more info on RSS feeds and what to do with them, check out this article.