Sanitation Study Guide

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Personal Reflection

  • Do you appreciate having plumbing that works?
  • Have you ever been in a situation where it hasn’t worked?
  • Have you ever seen situations around the world where for whatever reason they haven’t had adequate sewage infrastructure?  What was the result?

Think about your bathroom at home, or at work, or those in shops or restaurants.

  • Does the condition of them make it seem like their importance is recognised?
  • If you ever encounter a toilet in a bad condition, does it occur to you that God cares about that? Does it occur that it’s not just unpleasant – that it also affects health?
  • Are you responsible for the maintenance of bathrooms?  Is that something you take seriously, that you prioritise?  Ask God for His heart as you do that – whether it’s physically cleaning them yourself, or even if you’re responsible for a cleaning rota.  Ask God to help you appreciate the difference your work makes to the people who use those facilities.
  • Are you involved in planning, building or fixing toilets?  Your work is something that God cares about, and it’s something that affects people who are made in the image of God – people who are both physical and spiritual.
  • Do you ever think that your work is spiritually significant?  Do you ever think that your work can be loving towards people?  What difference can being a Christian make to your work?
  • Have you ever employed a plumber?  Do you value their work?  Do you value their profession?

Bible Study Questions

Read Deuteronomy 23:12-14.  Why do you think God cared about this?  What difference would it make to the lives of the Israelites?  Why would God care about that difference?

Throughout the Pentateuch, especially Exodus – Deuteronomy, things are described as clean or unclean.  If you read through those books, make a notes of those things.

  • Why do you think God taught those things to the Israelites?
  • Have you ever thought that unclean things might have been bad for them?  Which of those unclean things do you think would have had an impact on their health?
  • What difference does it make to you to think about God teaching people about health?  What difference does it make to think that God cares about health?

Think about Jesus healing people in the Gospels.

  • What difference does it make to you to know that Jesus cares about people’s health?
  • Do you care about people’s health?  If you pray for people’s healing, do you consider their health before they get sick?  Do you think about the effect their living conditions make on their health?
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