Being Prophetic – Study Guide

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Personal Reflection

  • What issues do you care about most?
  • Do you know how God feels about those? Take some time to ask him.
  • Do you know other Christians at work or in your church who care about similar things? Start praying together.
  • What is your relationship to those issues – are you part of the problem? Take some time to ask for forgiveness. Perhaps you could even ask for forgiveness on behalf of those causing the problem.
  • Are you a recipient of the problem? Take some time to forgive. Don’t excuse the sin, but make sure that you can relate to those causing the problem in love.
  • Have you ever thought about how your work can impact those issues? As you pray with people who have a similar burden, pray for love, wisdom, and courage to actively address the issue.

Bible Study

Thankfully, the Bible has lots of examples of people who shared God’s heart and then acted to bring about change.

You could read of most of the prophets and find that – and Jonah’s problem seemed to be that he didn’t want to forgive, and yet he knew that God would forgive if Nineveh repented. But if you have a favourite prophet, read through their book (or about them in 1&2 Kings if you like Elijah and Elisha) and look for the ways in which they felt the same things as God, and how they related that to God and to their audience.

You could also read about people like Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, Ezra or Nehemiah.

In the New Testament, the greatest example we have is obviously Jesus. You could read through any of the gospels and look for the way in which Jesus shared God’s heart for an issue, or an area. You could look for His response to Jerusalem, or even the Temple. Look for how He related with His Father about that issue or place, and how He then actively addressed it.


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