Perseverance – Study Guide

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Personal Reflection 

  • When do you feel like giving up?  What challenges do you face?  What makes persevering difficult?
  • How do you relate to God at those times?  How does God respond to you?
  • What are you trying to achieve?  How do you relate to God in that?  Why would achieving it be good?  How would it affect you, and how would it affect others?  Do you find that thinking about the results of success helps you to persevere?  Do you ask God what He thinks about the impact of you succeeding?
  • Do you have people around you who will encourage you to keep going?

Bible Study


We can read about the life of Moses in Exodus – Deuteronomy.

  • What did God call Moses to do?  Why was this important?  What difference should it have made for the people he led?
  • What difference would Moses’ calling make to the surrounding nations?
  • What made his calling difficult?  How did Moses handle those difficulties?
  • Did any of the obstacles he faced not resolve immediately?
  • How did Moses persevere?
  • What was Moses’ relationship with God like?  How did this help him persevere?
  • What would you have found the most challenging part of his calling?
  • What lessons about perseverance do you learn from Moses?


You can read about Elijah in 1 Kings 17 – 2 Kings 2.

  • What was Elijah called to do?  Why was that significant?
  • What made it difficult? How did Elijah face those difficulties?
  • What difference did his relationship with God make?
  • Did he struggle with perseverance?  If so, how did God respond?
  • What do you learn about perseverance from Elijah?


It’s painful to do this, but read about Jeremiah.

  • What was he called to?
  • Why did this make life difficult for him?
  • How did he respond to the difficulty?
  • How did God respond to him?
  • What difference do you think the work of Jeremiah made?
  • Can you understand why Jeremiah felt like giving up?  Have you ever felt at all similar?
  • Have you ever experienced the necessity to persevere that he felt?
  • What does Jeremiah’s life teach you about perseverance?
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