Honesty – Study Guide

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Personal Reflection

  • Can you think of times when you’ve found it difficult to be honest?
  • What was the point of difficulty?
  • Are there any situations that are consistently difficult for you that respect?
  • Is honesty difficult at work?  Share that with God, and with other Christian friends – share the costs that you each fear and pray for each other.

Honesty in journalism …

  • Are you a journalist?
  • What difference does your honesty make in your nation?
  • How does it affect your audience?
  • How would it affect the people or groups that you’re reporting about?
  • What opposition do you face?

Honesty in the arts …

  • Are you an artist?
  • Do you write stories, or poetry, or music?
  • Are you involved in film or theatre?
  • Are you able to honestly share your experience and perspective?  Ask God to help you understand how your experience is accurate and excellent to communicate, and whether there are places where you need to learn more about the truth your experience before communicating that to audiences.


Bible Study


You can read about the life of Joseph in Genesis 37-50.  You’re probably quite familiar with the story.

  • Can you think of times when Joseph was honest with people?
  • When was this wise, and are there times when it might not have been?
  • At each point, what was the consequence for Joseph and for those he spoke to?

The Prophets

  • Who are your favourite Old Testament prophets?
  • Can you think of reasons why they wouldn’t want to share the message that God gave them?
  • What consequences did they face?


Which are your favourite Psalms?  Read through them again and notice how honest they are.  They probably include the Psalmist (perhaps David) facing the pain of life, or even facing danger from enemies who want to kill him.  Notice how the writer takes that pain, or that fear and danger to God – notice how his prayer isn’t about hiding from God, but about sharing the reality of his experience with God.


We encounter Peter throughout the gospels and Acts, as well as in his epistles.  Notice how honest Peter is.

  • On the rare occasion when he isn’t honest, why does that happen?
  • What would his fears have been?
  • What cost was he facing?  And after that, how did Jesus restore him?


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