Growing in Wisdom – Study Guide

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Personal Reflection

We looked at wisdom being about being able to relate and create well – to be mature in those areas.

How did you learn?

  • Who do you relate with at work?  Do you relate well?  How did you learn how to relate with them?
  • What did you learn from your parents about this?  What did you learn at school, or from experience?
  • Have you asked God how to grow in your ability to relate well?

Wisdom in your work

  • What are you trying to create in your job?
  • What skills or character does this require?  Are you good at these?  How did you learn them?
  • Try to think of specific ways in which you need to grow.  Ask God to help you in those areas each day as you work!

How do you teach?

  • Are you responsible for helping people learn?
  • How did you learn to teach?  What skills and character does this take?
  • Are you an effective teacher?
  • How would you like to improve?
  • If you teach or train people, I would very much recommend taking a serious look at the Bible study.


Bible Study

Looking for types of work in the Bible

It can be difficult making connections between the ancient world of the Bible and the modern world we live in, especially when you consider how different some of our jobs are to that situation.  Look for the kind of ancient jobs that relate in some way to your work… what do you learn about how to do this kind of work well?  For example:

  • If you’re working in something like Information Technology then you’ll find people working in communications, as well as people who are building things.
  • If you’re working in science and engineering then you’ll find people who are trying to understand things, as well as those who are working with the physical world in some way.  There are things to be learnt, but it takes work.


Look for proverbs about relevant aspects of your work.  Also look for proverbs about family or education.  Spend time considering these – ask God what you can learn about growing in wisdom in your work, or about helping others grow.


Start with Deuteronomy (you could search the whole Pentateuch, but that’s a lot of work!) and again look for things that are relevant to your work.  You might find some individuals doing similar jobs, or laws about issues you can recognise from work.  If your focus is on learning, also look for things said about family and education.  Perhaps make a list of the relevant verses.  Again, spend time considering them – and ask God to help you learn.

Discipling Relationships

There are lots of discipling relationships in the Bible – we could think of Jesus with the disciples, or Paul with Timothy and Titus, or even Moses with Joshua.

  • Chose one of these and look for how the disciple grew in wisdom, and how the mentor taught.  What do you learn from those examples?


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