Fear – Study Guide

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Personal Reflection

Your fears … 

  • What are you afraid of?
  • How does that affect you?
  • Are there things that you want to do, or should do, that fear stops you from doing?

What would you say are the benefits of fear?

Do you use fear with others?

Do others use fear with you?

Consider situations that cause you to be fearful … 

  • How do you relate to God?  What do you believe about God?  Do you believe that God cares?  Do you believe that He’s capable of helping?
  • Have you seen others going through similar situations?  Can you draw encouragement for that?
  • If you’re afraid because you’re required to do something difficult – do you know what skills would be required for that?  Do you have those skills?  If not, how can you learn them?  Who could help you with that?
  • Is God leading you into the situation you’re afraid of?  Do you trust that He can lead you through it?
  • Are you alone in facing this situation, or are there others around you who you can trust?


Bible Study


What reason would Joshua have had to be afraid?  How did God encourage him?  How did Joshua respond to God’s encouragement?



Read 1 Samuel 15

Why do you think Saul allowed Agag and the plunder to be spared?  How did he react to Samuel’s rebuke?  Why do you think Saul responded like that?  Why do you think Samuel went back with Saul in verse 31?  What do you think Saul should have done?  And how would God have responded to that, do you think?



You can read about Jesus in Gethesemene in Luke 22:39-46.  What do you think that experience was like for Jesus?  How did He relate to God in the face of such a difficult task ahead of him?  What difference do you think it made to Him that the disciples slept?



Read Acts 20:13-21:15.  Why did Paul want to get to Jerusalem?  What do you think he imagined would happen to him there?  What did happen to him there?  Why do you think his friends tried to stop him?  Why do you think he wasn’t persuaded?


In all of these cases, facing things that were legitimately fearful, what made the difference between success and failure?  Between obedience and rebellion?  How does that help you face your fear?  How does that help you encourage others?


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