Evangelism – Study Guide

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Personal Reflection

Your reputation as a Christian

  • Do the people you work with know that you’re a Christian?
  • Do they know that you go to church?
  • Does that change what they think of you?

Your faith and the quality of your work

  • How does being a Christian affect the quality of your work?
  • If you do your work with better or worse quality, who would that affect?
  • What difference would it make to them?

Your work and loving your neighbor

  • Who does your work affect?  What does God want for their lives?  How does your work make a difference in their lives?  How does that agree with what God wants for their lives?
  • How does that remind you of things you see in the character of God?  How does that remind you of things that we read about God doing, or things that God called other people to do?

Called by God to do your work? 

  • Do you feel like you’re called by God to do your job?
  • Why would He want you to do your job?
  • How is your work part of the kingdom of God?


 Bible Study

In Genesis 12 God told Abraham that his descendants would bless the nations.

  • In what ways do you think the nation of Israel blessed the nations before the time of Jesus?

In 1 Samuel 8, what did it mean to God that Israel chose to have kings heading their government?

  • What did it mean to Israel that God was their king?
  • How did the kings of Israel and Judah relate to God as King?


If you read Psalm 2 or Psalm 5 or Psalm 99, what strikes you about God being King?

  • What are the characteristics of God being King? What does He do as King?
  • How do the psalmists relate to God as King?  What do they hope for because God is their King?


If you read the gospel according to Matthew, note the times you see Jesus talking about the Gospel of the Kingdom.

  • What things does He say about the Kingdom of Heaven?  (In other gospels you’ll more often read about the Kingdom of God).
  • What difference is the Kingdom of Heaven/God meant to make in the lives of those who follow Jesus
  • What difference is it meant to make in the nations?


What did it mean to the first generation of Christians that Jesus is King (as we see in Acts and the Epistles)?

  • What difference did it make to their lives?
  • How did people know that they were following Jesus?
  • What difference did them following Jesus make to the lives of people around them.


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