Competition – Study Guide

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Personal Reflection

  • Are you naturally competitive?
  • Does it inspire you to know that God is the best?
  • Do you ever think about learning from God about how to be better in the areas where you face competition?

Competition in your field

  • What line of work are you in?
  • How has your field changed over the past few decades?
  • What can be done now which could have been done ten or twenty years ago?
  • What do you think might be possible in the next ten or twenty years?

Competition at your work

  • What kind of product or service do you provide?
  • How has your organisation developed it’s ability to do that well?
  • How have you grown to do your part of the work well?
  • Who are your customers – who benefits from your work?
  • Are there other groups who are in competition with you?
  • What are their strengths?  Are there things that they do better than you?
  • Are there ways in which their products or services would be of greater benefit to your customers?
  • How can you improve in those areas?

Bible Study

Moses and Solomon

Have you ever studied the Old Testament Law and Wisdom literature looking for instruction that might be relevant to your field of work?  This takes time, and plenty of wisdom working out what to do with it, but could you take some time over the coming year to let God challenge you like this?  I’d recommend starting with Deuteronomy and Proverbs – if you find something relevant, underline it, or make a note of it somehow.  Then ask God to help you grow as you take time considering why those instructions made a difference for the Israelites.


You can read about the life of David in 1&2 Samuel.

  • What roles does David have during his life?
  • What opposition did he face in those roles?
  • At what points was he in competition with other people?  How did he respond to that?  How did he relate to God at those points of competition?


  • What competition did Paul face in his mission?
  • Who were the different people who were trying to achieve similar things?
  • How did they clash with Paul?  What was Paul’s response?
  • How did Paul relate to God during that competition?
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