Communication – Study Guide

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Personal Reflection


  • Does your job involve giving or receiving instructions?  Does that tend to go well?
  • Are you aware of ways in which it could improve?
  • Are the instructions clear?
  • Are the consequences of compliance or noncompliance clearly known?
  • Have you spent time learning from examples in the Bible, especially the example of God with people?


Think about your most significant relationships, either at work or outside of work.

  • How do you communicate with those people?
  • Does your communication help build the kind of relationship that you want?


Bible Study

The Bible is full of communication, so if you wanted to understand it better you could learn from any of the relationships or roles in the Bible – you’d find good examples and bad, and you’d be able to trace the consequences of better or worse communication.


If you’re interested in communication then I’d recommend reading through the life of Moses since he is involved in so much significant communication.


Look at how Moses conveyed God’s Law to the Israelites – and how he gave instructions throughout his leadership of the people.

  • What do you learn?
  • When was his communication effective?
  • What were the limits of what he could achieve?
  • What can you learn about giving or receiving instructions in your situation?

Relationship with God

Of all the relationships Moses had, his friendship with God was the most crucial I would say.  As you read about Moses’ life notice how he and God communicate together.  Notice the time they spend meeting together.  What can you learn about developing strong collaborative relationships?

Paul, Timothy & Titus

It’s incredible to see Paul mentoring Timothy and Titus, which we see both in the book of Acts and in Paul’s epistles to them.  Notice how Paul gives them opportunities to grow, how he encourages them, and how he helps them communicate effectively as well.  Are you involved in training anybody in your work?  What can you learn from Paul’s example?

If you work in communication … 

If you work is about communication – if you’re a writer, or if you work with communications technology, for example – then it’s worth studying what’s taught in the Bible about communication.  You’ll especially find teaching in the Old Testament Law, in Proverbs, in the gospels and the epistles.  If you know other Christians working in similar fields it would be great to get together and study those things together, praying that God would help you grow in wisdom in your field of work.

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