How does your faith affect the way you live 7 days a week?

That’s what we’re exploring at Commuter Church … how we can live out biblical values in our work and lives.

What you should know about Commuter Church:

It’s designed for your commute¬†if you happen to commute. If you don’t this will still apply! These are meant to be quick, thought-provoking messages that will fit into the short spaces of down time we have in our days… like your commute.

We’re not actually a church. Local church can’t be replaced by a podcast. But we are eager to think through how we are to be Church to the world around us every day. Hopefully, our podcast can provide some good fuel for discussion with friends. The study guides could be a good resource for a small group.

We are coming from a Christian perspective.¬†That can mean different things to different people. We love Jesus, and we believe the Bible is one of the primary ways we get to know God. For more info on where we’re coming from, check out the EA statement of faith.

Commuter Church is an initiative of The Geneva Project.